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Using Symmetry in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Taking advantage of symmetry is a great way to improve the efficiency of a simulation study. Complex studies can take a significant amount of time to solve. Using a coarse mesh, simplifying geometry, or idealizing boundary conditions can speed up an analysis, but come at the cost of reduced realism and accuracy. Unlike these methods,Read the Rest…

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Dirty file? Clean it up, with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility

With every SOLIDWORKS installation, there are a set of additional tools that get installed along with the software that can be very useful. Most of you may not have known any of these tools existed unless you’ve been introduced to it, or discovered it while digging through the SOLIDWORKS installation folders, and who wou.ld do that? The tool I want to introduce today is the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning utility.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation vs SIMULIA Abaqus

You may or may not be aware that Hawk Ridge Systems provides two types of stress analysis tool and technical service to companies we work with – the SOLIDWORKS Simulation range of stress analysis packages, which provide comprehensive stress analysis capabilities within the SOLIDWORKS CAD interface, and SIMULIA Abaqus, an incredibly powerful standalone analysis environmentRead the Rest…

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